9 Things Social Media Rockstars Do

I have been studying top influencers in social media to comprehend what it takes to build a great personal brand online. I see a red thread and I want to share it here with you. Today I’m doing my best to implement those points on daily basis in my own life. Let’s get down to business..

1, Vision, mission and the big picture

They have a very compelling story and they are running their own race with it. If you want to be successfull on your own terms, you need to be transparent, authentic, and adding real value. Ask yourself what do you stand for? What is your mission? What is the big picture for you? It’s important to have a clear vision why you are doing great things when you can watch Lost, 2 1/2 men or hanging on the pub. So first you have to find out what you stand for.

2, Focus on your short term goals

Focus on your short term goals, why? Because your daily activity need to be in alignment with your short term goals. Focus is so very important to live a productive life without stress. Work every day with short term goals, but visualize the big picture.

3, Passion and a will of iron

Your passion is contagious for other, and it’s an important ingredient to pull and engage an audience around your content. I think passion, plus a will of iron, plus your invested time is equal with talent. I read the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and he really puts that in light when he explains in his book that it takes 10.000 hours to develop talent. (10 years).

4, Never stop improve yourself

Encourage yourself to see yourself as the most important asset, and never ever stop developing yourself. Keep track of the numbers and measuring is important but keep in mind to focus on your own progress. Remember were you started? Always compare with yourself. When I’m reflecting upon this I can see how my only competition; is the person who I once was.

5, Out work everyone

Making a difference is hard, hard work yield successful results. Study, do and teach. A personal brand is an ongoing project and you have to be patient. If I keep on doing great things every day and have my dream in mind; then I know my timing for success will come as well. Remember 10.000 hours.

6, Relationship and networking

They are investing the time to build relationship with friends, teammates and peers. In the end of the day; business is just about relationships. If you have a strong relationship with the right people you will crush it. The great leaders are always listening first. I think there is a tremendous opportunity in this field online today. To many people are broadcasting through social media platforms. But the online rockstars are always listening first, because they know that building a relationship is all about know, like and trust.

7, Manage your time

Don’t allow obstacles and anxiety push you into the comfort zone and to say, “maybe I should check my Facebook message for a while.” It’s so easy to lose focus when you are entering that mode. Suddenly you have wasted one hour watching how to’s videos that someone send you, and of course we will end up justifying, “hey it was an important video!” It’s tons of books out there about time management. I like the book: The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey. (You Tube video)

Do you any books you like?

8, Create valuable content on your hub

The top influencers are kings (or queens) when it comes to produce content. They are helping other people achieve great results through world class content. They are adding value to their audience and this is a major reason to why they are social media rockstars. Content is king! So be successfull on your own terms. Be you! All others are already taken. Hustle and sweat is the backbone of any successful achievement in life.

9, Never saddle for status quo

Successfully online brands have a commitment to show up every day and that is a difference, because this is a marathon not a sprint. They want to get out more from life; they never saddle for status quo. What are the costs that we will have to pay if we get to the end of our life, and we have really not lived the commited life we were ment in the heart to live. This is a paradigm shift question; because life waits for no one..

Please help me develop those points. This is not a facit, it’s my thoughts and experiences so far. Let me know what you think?

Fredrik Johnsson
Fredrik Johnsson

Good points Mattias, I see a lot of Gladwell and also Godin here :) I do feel that most people do underestimate #3 and #5 on regulary basis. I dont think you can point that out enough. Have you read "The Dip" with Godin also? Its really a challenge to balance a long term effort with the ability to measure and see dips and decide wich ones you should push trough or not.

Keri J
Keri J

I'm especially fond of: "Never settle for status quo." One of my mottos.

The other is: "There are 24 hours in a day, lets use them."

Great article, Mattias

Who likes things that ROCK! :)

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg

Thank you Fredrik! Yes, Gladwell, Godin they are a very good inspiration for me and of course I need to give them a lot of credit for everything I have learned so far. I do think the same as you #3 and #5 is very easy to underestimate in this fast moving world. We must remember that it took 30 years before Ingvar Kamprad opened his first IKEA warehouse in Kungenskurva (Sweden).

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg

This monday morning I would have used my time better. LOL :) To much work last night!

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