B2B Sales Competition Is Fierce And Survival Is On Stake

We must develop our minds and continually sharpen and invest in the development of our competencies to avoid becoming obsolete, this is mainly a choice we make.

Discipline Yourself

When I started in sales I had devoted myself to sports for approximately 12 years. I was definitely not a talent, but it gave me a strong sense of discipline in whatever I did then and what I’m doing today. So it early became a natural part for me to work with sales because I could apply and use this discipline to create a business momentum. During the journey of this profession I early discovered that most sales people are lazy and they not have the discipline to put in the daily effort to learn new things every day and self improve.

The New Ballgame In B2B Sales

The main difference between old world B2B sales and the new ballgame is that now your potential customers are much more in control of their environment, and you are the one who has to fit in, this is definitely affecting your sales process and you can’t ignore it. I left you with this statement in an earlier blog post “you are losing approximately 80 percent of potential business which shows it room for improving the sales process with social media marketing”. We will start with looking at how you can improve the leads generating phase by using social technology, but first I want to brief a bit more what is going on online today.

The Marketing Channel Is Now Reversed

Internet users can now let the world know what they think about your brand, and trying to play and control this game is totally wrong way to spend your energy. Accept that the game is reversed, rather than top down things now move from bottom up and if your customers are in control I promise you it pays to listen to what they have to say. Don’t make the mistake to think traditional marketing because you hear the word “media” in social media marketing. Unlike the passive advertisement like TV, radio and billboards your customers now can talk to each other, form groups and create a social movement for or against what you have to offer.

Bring Something To The Table

If you want to make impact in the social online world is your responsibility to bring something to the table, and when I say something I mean providing your audience with content and the right context to develop and nurture long-term relationships, so please don’t spam me with your advertisement on your social networks. Start with the most important part in sales; listening!

The Call Is Yours

You must selectively approaching your customers on a more social level today. Select those who are your potential customers and mapping their social life online, if you think that sounds like hard work you are right, but it’s hard work trying to screen people by working the phones too. I will not even spend time on arguing with you about lack of resources and time here. I’m pointing on the clock because the time is ticking and competition is getting more fierce and survival is on stake. The call is your; learn or perish!


Well said my friend! I think one thing that most people miss is the importance of listening. Social media has given us a great tool to listen to our target market, this is unprecedented. Most people focus on just posting; but listening is a huge part of being successful.

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