Book Review Of No Bullshit Social Media

This book No Bullshit Social Media (affiliate link) is the all-business, no hype guide to social media marketing and I think it’s covering a lot of important stuff when you are seeking a great social media marketing guide. The book is written by two social savvy guys Jason Falls and Erik Deckers. The official book page.

Do social media marketing right from the start

You will learn how to use social media marketing to deliver great customer service, create leads, facilitate R&D, build community, create awareness, handle public relations and protect brand reputation. The strategic approach to social media marketing is to review these seven areas, identify which are a good fit for your organizational goals.

Our customers aren’t using social media

This is something I here every week when I met executives discussing social media, and the book have a great eye opener chapter about this mindset. It shows that a lot of executives base this opinion “because I don’t use it that way”. If a company is not using social platforms, it has no way of knowing whether it’s customers are using it.

The fundamentals

  • Listen first
  • Be responsive
  • Be honest
  • Provide value
  • Sell last

I love the way how Jason and Erik is teaching those fundamentals with this book. How we should think lifetime value, not sale value, and when you are doing this it makes customers proud to wear your company badge. Grab your own book at amazon (affiliate link) you will definitely find this book useful. Thanks Jason and Erik for this book it really makes a difference!

Have you read the book, what did you think?


Big thanks, Mattias. Really appreciate your review and taking the time to pass it on to your readers. Glad we could be of service with this one. You rock, bro.


So now I know how to pick up Jason's book....but I have one question. How do I get one of those cool hats you're wearing :P

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

@JasonFalls Hi Jason! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I'm pumped to hear that this was your first international review of #nobssocial. @edeckers told me!

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

@DaveGallant Hi Dave! I think that book will be a perfect Christmas present to yourself :) BTW its a friend to me that makes those hats! Pretty groovy stuff! :) I'm thinking about creating a MattGron edition :)

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