Do You Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart

It takes courage to follow your heart

I was working the phones. It was business as usual when an intuitive awareness grasped my attention again. I glanced at my goal board above my desk. I could not any longer ignore to embrace the unique calling of my heart. It was time to make a choice. It was time to make a commitment. This was not: A-flipping-the-light-switch-moment. It was a result of different life experiences that added up in a moment of clarity (Jay-Z track, I’m a fan). Are you following the unique calling of your heart? 

Making The Transition

I had been paralyzed before this moment of clarity. My mind did everything it could to analyze pros and cons about different business ideas I had. To much analyze stifles your intuition. It builds up a self delusion, where you find yourself with an excuse not to take action towards your ambitions. We then fail utterly to do the work necessary to make progress in the present. Why? I can admit fear for myself here. It is hard and scary to make a transition towards the work you were meant to do. When you embrace this fear you find yourself responsible for your own growth. Today, the tide has changed. Refusing to face and conquer my own limits, to be sedated by security, is terror for me.

It’s A Choice

So what is your answer to the question I asked you: Are you following the unique calling of your heart? The flip side is to ignoring it. You can put your head in the sand, and lying by saying: I need more information. Or, I would start my own business if  I had a great idea. (If I had a dollar for every time I heard the latter one). If that is your fight style, feel free, it has some great benefits: It’s safe, you look good and you will never fail. I ran that trail of denial, without self-respect in a nice suit for a long time. I thought my inner critic (that little voice inside your head that’s trying to stop you to pursue your ambitions) spoke the reality to me. I was so lost. So I became paralyzed. Ignoring your heart’s calling leads to denial. Which means you are living a lie.

The good news; it’s your own choice.


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