HEAT The 4 Step Model 4 Raving Fans


Sometimes it happens, your company is not delivering what you have promised. Honestly, maybe it’s not your fault. But that doesn’t matter, if you can’t handle a complicated situation well enough with an upset customer. You will then lose a potential ambassador for your brand when the customer hang up the phone. During my decade in the sales arena the H.E.A.T model is my favorite when it comes to handle flak from a dissatisfied customer. Remember that this information is invaluable feedback for your company.

Integrate with a social media strategy

You can use H.E.A.T early in the sales process when things hasn’t turned out the way you promised your customer, or if your company have a win back team you can use it even there with great results. This is a very simple efficient way to solve both the personal and the practical needs of the customer and building an even stronger relationship.

The reason why I’m blogging about this model today is because I think you can build H.E.A.T into your social media strategy, to achieve a clear way how your social media team should handle customer service online. This should be integrated with your social media policy.

What do you think?

Thank you economy in action with H.E.A.T


  • H-Hear them out: LISTEN, Communicate, understand, agree.
  • E-Empathize: Pay attention, admit your part of the problem. You must understand that this is an opportunity to turn the customer around and build an even stronger relationship.
  • A-Apologize: Apologize, let the customer know that you are grateful that she is giving you feedback about the problem. You will use this feedback to be better in the future. THANK HER. Ask her how she want you to compensate her? It’s so often that companies trying to solve the problem for a dissatisfied customer without a clue how the customer want it to be solved.
  • T-Take action: Action is everything, fix the problem, compensate and document it clearly, eliminate further misunderstanding in this matter.

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