How I see You


Twenty minutes into a first aid course: We get the instructions to work in pairs. One person is lying on the floor, role playing to be injured (it seems to be me in this case). The other person is the one who should help the injured person (It’s a nice looking girl so I can’t complain). One of the first things, you do, when you give someone first-aid-help is to check if the person is conscious. In this exercise the person should be conscious. Thus, I’m lying there on the floor (on a blanket and it’s quite comfortable). My friend gets the instructions, to start communicate with me, by standing close to my feet. I’m still on my back on the floor. Thus, it’s a very strange angle to communicate with from, can barely see her, or hear her, it’s nothing else but an impersonal experience.

A Marketing Lesson

She then get’s the instructions to communicate with me by standing next to my head. I now looking up at her from the floor. Simultaneously, the instructor starts to step over my body and head, back and forth. He is making a point, and I get it. You must communicate at the same level as the injured person. It means, you should kneel next to the shoulder of the person, grab an arm or hand, and start talking calmly. This became an interesting learning experience. It’s very intimidating to have someone standing next to your head and another person, who is jumping back and forth over your head and body. The last thing I felt was connection and empathy.

Impersonal Or Personal?

I realized, when I was lying there on the floor. This is exactly how the majority of marketers treats people. I see it everyday in social media, on blogs, and email newsletters. They communicate with a talking-to-many-tone. They are broadcasting their message like these mediums were TV or radio. Being on the receiver’s end of this broadcasting-speech is not always so fun, can we agree on that? It’s nothing else than impersonal. Do you prefer hanging around impersonal or personal people? Thus, the next question is inevitable: Which level are you communicating with your friends, peers or customers? (Notice I didn’t say audience, followers or fans).

We Are Here Together

Let’s put this principle into a marketing perspective. Do you think you can then achieve a better result if you are marketing with people, and not at them? I believe, that attention is a gift in today’s world. I also know, that our relationship has a much better chance to grow and flourish, if you and I can slide towards a more personal tone in our communication. Remember, people make business with people. Are we on the same page here? I don’t take for granted that you choose to read my blog, or subscribe to my Email Newsletter. But if you do? I’m all ears. I want to hear from you what you think, I want to connect with you, I want to grow together with you. Thus, I hope, that you and I will get to know each other, won’t we?


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