How To Live a More Productive Life With Evernote

I have struggled a lot to find a tool during the last years that can help me be more productive. The biggest challenge has been to find a tool that is syncing with all of my devices. I used Things for my iPhone and MacBook for a long time but they don’t provide me with a complete sync solution yet. I know Things are planning an update on this soon but after I started to use Evernote it’s not necessary to care more about Things. Evernote doesn’t provide me with the same great task management system as Things but Evernote has everything else in one place with 100% sync between all my devices. I can create my daily to do lists with Evernote too. (link to 3 simple points to live a more productive life).

Eliminating paper distractions

Evernote has eliminated a lot of paper distractions in my life. Evernote allows you to easily capture and store information from anywhere using whatever device you have available. Everything is then also searchable, this is super awesome!

Use your camera

Take photographs of things you want to save and remember. White board sessions, business cards, handwritten notes, notes etc. Evernote identifies the text in pictures, so it’s searchable. This is a time saver for me! I also scan and sync agreements, articles and documents to Evernote.

Take snapshots of websites

When you take a snapshot of websites you can easily read them later in a offline mode. You can use a browser extension for this. You get the whole page: text, images and links.

Keep everything in sync

With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use. One cool feature is that you can share your notes and collaborate on projects with friends, colleagues and classmates. It’s important to have great tools like Evernote when you want to maximize your potential in this fast world.

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Big thanks to the Evernote team!

Please leave a comment! Are you using Evernote? Can you tell me about another productivity-enhancing tool?


Evernote used to be the core of my productivity workflow, until I've started using Omnifocus... Now it's the ultimate mind dump, but in a way I feel as I can't pull out too much data from it, because it kinda lacks organization. Ultimately you need to use Wiki's and interlink your notes. It requires curation.


Really helpful post – I was searching for apps which allow you to save drafts and spotted this piece. Thanks very much – just downloaded both apps so hopefully they’ll make life more productive.

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Hey Matt this is Ron from Evernote. Just wanted to drop by quickly and say thanks for putting together the post. We really appreciate all of the support. I'm glad to hear it's working out so well for you and you're finding so many good uses for it. Let me know if you have any specific questions or feedback.



Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

@rontoledo Hi Ron thanks for visiting by my blog. Appreciate that you are caring! I actually have one question/ feedback. Today I'm using Insert "To/Do checkbox" for my to do lists. This is a very light way to do it. It's not possible to schedule posts etc. My question; Is @evernote planning a task management plugin or something in that direction?

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