Involve The Right People For Your Social Strategy

We have been working with sales and customer service for about 13 years. With that background social media becomes very natural for us. Within sales and customer service it is important that you have the right people; who loves to communicate and solve issues and engaging with customers. This is also essential for social media.

Titles have nothing to do with social media

We belive that companies needs to integrate social media as a part of their organization: It’s important from a strategy perspective to involve the right people and build purposeful teams in step one when you develop your social foundation. Just because someone has a marketing title it does’t mean she or he loves social media. That’s why need to find and involve the right people in your social strategy; think outside of the box.

Efficient communication

We need to stop talking about social media or online communication as a speciality. Instead start viewing it for what it really is: Tools to communicate more relevant with your customers. Treat social media as a journey not a destination. In real time businesss the staff and team members are on the frontline.

Robert Nyberg SEO Blog (In Swedish)

Every single touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to create an experience with the brand. – The Now Revolution

Laurinda Shaver
Laurinda Shaver

I could not agree with you more that social media is NOT a specialty, but rather a communication tool.  Every part of a company needs to communicate both internally and externally.

And I agree with Keri about the SNL comparison.  But you guys have better hair.  :)

Keri at Idea Girl Media
Keri at Idea Girl Media

Mattias & Rob,

Have you ever seen the TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL) - An American comedy show?

You have a little bit of the "Wayne's World" thing happening....with a touch of "We're here to up!"  (Arnold Schwarzenegger & friend).

Made me smile - How fun!! :)


Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg

Thanks for participating Laurinda! When we put social media in an internally and externally perspective as you describe, can we clearly see how wrong it is to start with the platforms first. If you want to succeed in business you need to have the right people in place before you do anything else. 

Better hair! LOL :)

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg

LOL :) Yes I have seen it. Glad that we can bring out your beautiful smile! :)

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