Listening An Underestimated Verb In Customer Service

Sometimes I wonder what has happened with customer service in our modern economy, and how much will these companies bleed before they realize that their customer service vision are horrible. Today I was sitting at a coffee shop here in Stockholm besides a woman who was arguing with Tele2 over the phone, and no! I don’t usually listen to peoples phone calls but I can tell you that it was impossible to miss this because of her furious frustration, plus that it reminded me of when I talked to Tele2 last time too; they were not listening… It’s sad!

Not Always Right, Or?

I have been working with sales for 12 years so I know, it’s not always the case that the customer is leading with the authentic truth; so to speak! As in this case I had no background history why this woman was upset, but I could feel her frustration; the customer service person was not listening to her feedback to understand her needs and desires. The customer service failed to give her what she needed as a customer because they didn’t never really comprehended her needs. The woman become even more upset in the end because the customer service rejected her as a person by not listening to her. The customer service was indirectly saying her thoughts have no value at all.

The Aftershocks

The bigger picture here is that at least 6 person couldn’t avoid how Tele2 failed with this customer because they were drinking coffee and watched the show on the front row. I can promise you that this woman has already shared her experience with a couple of more friends, and then this failing customer service moment ended up online because I started to discuss it with my friend Robert on Google+. This is the aftershocks which makes the bottom line bleed, why? Because people are turning to their social media streams for buying advices 2012, are you aware of that?


Two things are very often for sure: One those people are not listening to customers need either online or offline as in this case, and two, they don’t want authentic fans who is waving their flag. It’s so important to listen, but remember taking action and responding to what customers say; separates you from a lot of competition.

Your Thoughts

What do you think are important to consider if you want to build raving customers 2012?


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