Video Interview With Sherry Nouraini

Can’t see the video, click here! In this video, you and I get an opportunity to listen to a friend of mine, who really breath social media on daily basis. I’m very exited to present Sherry Nouraini from a sunny San Diego. Sherry is the Founder/President at Captivetouch and Open Social Media Initiative. She offer her clients

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Video Interview With Anthony Iannarino

If you can’t see the video click here! Today, I welcome Anthony Iannarino. Anthony is the President and Chief Sales Officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing, a best-in-class staffing firm, and the Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy. We met each other in Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics Master Class. Since then I have been following his work

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A Phone Call To My Soulmate (Is It You)

I picked up the phone to call you. I have been thinking about this phone call, the whole day. Oh gosh! I woke up this morning with a bright picture of you. But, do you know what? I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to expose my optic nerve to that empty space next

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Video Interview With Robert Caruso

If you can’t see the video click here! In this video, I interview a person I respect very much. Let’s welcome my friend Robert Caruso. Robert is a long time technology, sales and marketing executive, a father of 2 and passionate about tech and social media. Robert loves coffee. He is always talking about coffee. Thus,

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5 Pillars For Personal Growth

I woke up one morning. I had a clear thought in my mind. I needed to clean out a soul-destroying limitation, my non existent ability to express myself in English. I took the plunge. An insignificant step for mankind but a huge leap for me. Are you frustrated over a limitation in your life, is there an

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Reading Trust Agents Ensures Immortal Business Principles

I remember when I ordered Trust Agents. I was so thrilled. Soon I would have DHL on my doorstep with my latest shopping cart capture. I shared with a friend about my latest checkout on Amazon. He said: Oh! That one is not so new, you might find it a bit antiquated. Now I know that the

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