Reading Trust Agents Ensures Immortal Business Principles

I remember when I ordered Trust Agents. I was so thrilled. Soon I would have DHL on my doorstep with my latest shopping cart capture. I shared with a friend about my latest checkout on Amazon. He said: Oh! That one is not so new, you might find it a bit antiquated. Now I know that the

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Create Writing Habits Of Iron

I reflect upon my daily habits. At the same time when I absorb this breathtaking landscape. I write down my reflections in Evernote when I audit my daily habits. I want to understand where I invest my time. I want to know which habits I shall replace with new productive ones. How do you spend your valuable time?

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Will Your Legacy Make People’s Pants Soaked

I kneel next to the stone. I let my finger slide over the red runes. I can’t derive what causes a shiver down my spine. The wet cold grass which has soaked my jeans. Or, the tactile response of a persons legacy through my finger a thousand years later. It doesn’t matter, because in my

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Do You Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart

I was working the phones. It was business as usual when an intuitive awareness grasped my attention again. I glanced at my goal board above my desk. I could not any longer ignore to embrace the unique calling of my heart. It was time to make a choice. It was time to make a commitment. This was not: A-flipping-the-light-switch-moment.

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Making Comparisons Stifles Your Creativity

This blog post probably does not mean so much for you, as it does for me. It happened two months ago, I started to compare the creation I did here on my blog with other bloggers. I do not need to mention names but I can promise you that I always choose tough opponents when

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Discern The Difference Between Opinions And Feedback

If you can’t see the video click here! This week we are working with product and service development at iGoMoon. As a result of this I started reflect upon the difference between opinions and market feedback. I believe you must discern the difference between opinions and feedback. Market feedback is an important tool in the

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