Turning Page – It Will Be Different

Tuning in.. It’s time to blow the dust of this domain. It’s time to roll deep, it’s time to show up. My dad has done just that since 1981, he has been writing in his diary before bed, Twitter-style, 50 to 150 words. Not much writing. But since 1981 these short note bursts have transformed

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7 Random Facts About Mattias Gronborg

I received a challenge from my social media friend Jocelyn at JW Social Media to write 7 personal things about myself. So here we go! First let’s sort out this thing with my surname “Grönborg” as we spell it in Swedish. I more and more spell it “Gronborg” online because it is still very common

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A Journey

Entrepreneurship is not a destination it´s a journey, it´s not the idea that makes the difference, it´s the footwork in the process. Entrepreneurship is often confused as generating a specific idea rather than the skill to lead a creative process. Successful entrepreneurship is not the idea itself but rather the ability to create solutions and manage

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