Sustaining A Blog Is All About Conquering Yourself

How do you know that what you have to say is important? Sometimes I read that you should only blog when you have something valuable to share with your audience, I think a problem here is that you are your own worst critic, I know you maybe believe that what you have to say isn’t worthy enough. In short this could mean you never ship stuff that will make a difference for someone because you lack self-esteem. You are lying for yourself and buying your own excuses.

Writing Habit

Making a difference is hard and if you are comparing yourself with the big sharks in the blogosphere your closest friends name is soon “anxiety”. Honestly this happened to me today, my originally idea was to expand the blog series about the staffing industry how they can embrace social media, but I got that voice inside of my head saying it’s not important to write today let’s do it tomorrow. I took a decision not to give in for that temptation because I know my lizard brain will suck it up in a snap and probably manifest into a habit tomorrow; I know that my writing habit is waiting beyond my limitations.

Focus On The Work

Without self esteem you are trapped with fear and then writing and sustaining a blog is overwhelming, only the thought knowing it’s going to be read (at least by some people) could paralyze your from expressing your point of view. You can get criticized and misunderstood when you are in action but If you focus on it you are bound to hold back so the challenge is to focus on your work to move your own feet, not on the fear that comes from doing the work. A huge insight for me was when I discovered that when I’m in action anxiety is gone with the wind, I could of course still be nervous but I’m not bound to fear; I’m embracing it.

It’s Your Turn

So do you have an area in your life where you’re lying to yourself and buying your own excuses?

The value of embracing my fear is that I make my own choices and own my risks.


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