How I see You

Twenty minutes into a first aid course: We get the instructions to work in pairs. One person is lying on the floor, role playing to be injured (it seems to be me in this case). The other person is the one who should help the injured person (It’s a nice looking girl so I can’t

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Reading Trust Agents Ensures Immortal Business Principles

I remember when I ordered Trust Agents. I was so thrilled. Soon I would have DHL on my doorstep with my latest shopping cart capture. I shared with a friend about my latest checkout on Amazon. He said: Oh! That one is not so new, you might find it a bit antiquated. Now I know that the

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Create Writing Habits Of Iron

I reflect upon my daily habits. At the same time when I absorb this breathtaking landscape. I write down my reflections in Evernote when I audit my daily habits. I want to understand where I invest my time. I want to know which habits I shall replace with new productive ones. How do you spend your valuable time?

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Treat Blogging As You Want to Be Treated

A lot of times when I read corporate blogs they miss the opportunity to touch my heart and make a lasting impression on me. Why? Because they are very shallow and they have overlooked that people are trying to digest their content and not robots. Common Mistakes Today I reached out to my Social peers

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Sustaining A Blog Is All About Conquering Yourself

How do you know that what you have to say is important? Sometimes I read that you should only blog when you have something valuable to share with your audience, I think a problem here is that you are your own worst critic, I know you maybe believe that what you have to say isn’t worthy enough.

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Communicate The Essence Of Your Brand By Blogging

Here I cover step six together with Searchmanager in our video blogging series: How to develop a business blog strategy that supports your bottom line, click here to check out step five. Step six is all about figure out your point of view before you write, don’t just blogging in darkness. Understand the purpose and your point Remember to think and

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