5 Pillars For Personal Growth

I woke up one morning. I had a clear thought in my mind. I needed to clean out a soul-destroying limitation, my non existent ability to express myself in English. I took the plunge. An insignificant step for mankind but a huge leap for me. Are you frustrated over a limitation in your life, is there an

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Treat Blogging As You Want to Be Treated

A lot of times when I read corporate blogs they miss the opportunity to touch my heart and make a lasting impression on me. Why? Because they are very shallow and they have overlooked that people are trying to digest their content and not robots. Common Mistakes Today I reached out to my Social peers

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How To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

In this blog post you will find links to eight different video posts where you will learn how you do to create your own social media strategy for your business. If you have any questions you are always welcome to leave a comment here on mattiasgronborg.com or engage with me on Twitter or by e-mail and then

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How To Live a More Productive Life With Evernote

I have struggled a lot to find a tool during the last years that can help me be more productive. The biggest challenge has been to find a tool that is syncing with all of my devices. I used Things for my iPhone and MacBook for a long time but they don’t provide me with

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3 Simple Points To Live A More Productive Life

I wrote the post If I Lose My Focus I Fail To Achieve My Primary Aim last week and my friend and life coach Sorin Macovei read the post and gave me some powerful insights. I want to share them with you so I do a short video here; maybe you also can find something from those three simple

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How To Set Up A Free Social Monitoring Station

Too many companies fail in social media because they are jumping into conversations and trying to “sell” their services and products instead of creating long term value in a way that make sense. You need to create a foundation of know like and trust before you do anything. This can only be achieved through listening first

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