Take Aways When Our Blogs Turned Responsive

Can’t see the video click here. A couple of weeks ago when I updated and made this blog mobile responsive I learned a lot off different new stuff so I thought it was time for a short post about this. You can now experience the differences live when this blog adjusts to fit any mobile device (smart phone and

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How To Set Up A Free Social Monitoring Station

Too many companies fail in social media because they are jumping into conversations and trying to “sell” their services and products instead of creating long term value in a way that make sense. You need to create a foundation of know like and trust before you do anything. This can only be achieved through listening first

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Choose The Most Relevant Gun 4 Your Blog

We are not talking about firearms; we are talking about your sharing buttons a.k.a. fire buttons. If you want your audience to push your fire buttons on your blog, and unload your content out into the social graph you need to be selective with your sharing tools. If you work B2B; LinkedIn is an obvious choice.

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Google +1 Button Execution

The Google +1 button is another sign that the war escalates between Google and Facebook. Since Facebook’s like button have popped up on almost every website, making it easy for people to share sites and services with one click. Google now enter the button war to steal Facebook’s link sharing dominance with their own Google

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