The Only Free Lunch Is In The Rat Trap

One of the hardest challenges as an entrepreneur is to survive outside opinions and still believe in your vision. I was working the phones, the fear was growing I could feel the sweat in my hands. I was chewing on the first 25 cold-blooded crystal clear rejections and tasted defeat. I was starting to believe in the negative opinions which began to drain my vision.

The trap

Suddenly in a moment of clarity I understood I was trapped in the illusion that a lot of people are caught in. The trap is to expect positive results without any serious effort. That’s why people are playing the lottery in their free time instead of building their own business. Some people are dreaming others are creating. Some people call them selves entrepreneurs but they are just talking and it is not with the market. :)

Opinions vs. Feedback

You must be smart and humble to listen when the market is speaking with you. You must discern the difference between opinions and feedback. Market feedback is an important tool in the evolution of your business. If you take opinions personally, you start to listen with your feelings and then you miss the feedback.

So, I went back to the phones with a clear purpose.

I focused on my own vision, not other peoples opinions!


Funny you should mention rat traps, I have pest-control business and trapping rats is what I do However, my problem is getting clients on a regular basis. It is so much easier getting repeat business than it is getting new clients. However, once I have gotten rid of my customer's pests, the job is done, and I never hear from them again. I've been racking my brain to think of what additional services I can offer but have a mental block. I would appreciate it if you have any ideas! Thanks, Mark.

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