Video Book Review Of Google+ For Business By Chris Brogan

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Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything (affiliate link). This book is so much more than a book about Google+; this book breathes industry knowledge from the author Chris Brogan.

What’s In It For Me?

This is a question I always ask myself when I’m looking for books to read and normally I’m not a huge fan of reading books that are mainly focusing on one platform. But I did an exception when I bought this book from Amazon because of two things; this book was written by Chris Brogan and it’s all about Google+. I  heard so many reasons why Google+ would fail especially here in Sweden, (from people who was not using Google+) so I wanted to seek knowledge from someone who was already walking the talk regarding this matter. Who could be better than Chris Brogan?

Written From The Right Perspective

Chris Brogan is not a Google insider, he is a passionate user who knows that social media is all about people not the medium. You will discover when you read this book how focused he is explaining that social media is about building stronger human relationships, and how Google+ changes the social ecosystem by providing a social network who is directly linked to the two biggest search engines (1, Google 2, YouTube). Chris is very clear with that it’s a place and value for different social networks, but Google+ is challenging them all for potential business building in a different way.

Some Stuff You Will Learn

  • What you can accomplish with Google+.
  • How people use Google+ successfully today.
  • How to set up your profile and business page with the right business context.
  • How to set up your circles and avoiding rookie mistakes.
  • Why Google+ is not a blog, and it’s more than Twitter.
  • Posting and sharing on Google+.
  • And much more…

It’s Your Turn

What is your thoughts regarding Google+ and have you read Google+ for business?


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