Video Interview With Amber Naslund At #LinkedOC

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Today I attended a networking event at #LinkedOC where I met Amber Naslund who is one of the co-authors of the book The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social. I read this book last year and I still think it’s one of the best social media books you can read if you want a clear roadmap how you should integrate social media into your organization. So I was very grateful that Amber spent time with me for a short chat that made this video possible. Thanks Amber!

Having A Chat With Amber

In this video, Amber shares with us why the company culture is a significant factor if you want to reach success when integrating social media into your organization. One thing we can see in social media best practice examples is that they have an open collaborating attitude and inspire their people to create greatness. Every person in the company needs to be a part of this real time personality. This makes all the difference if you want to shift from doing social to being social. We also talk about the importance of blogging, why blogging is not dying and how risky it is to redirecting your company URL to rented space.

Live Tweeting

#LinkedOC is the hashtag if you want to check out what people were tweeting about. I felt naked because there was no WiFi and I couldn’t use my Swedish SIM because Tele2 is charging me an arm and a leg for each tweet.

Q&A Session

Bryan was leading the Q&A session with Amber and in the picture you can see one of the participants asking questions.


I have to agree with you on having to have your own blog!  In fact, the reason Amber gave for why you wouldn't want to use Facebook or Twitter as your "brand identity" is the very reason why I (and many others) keep saying that you NEED to have your own SELF-HOSTED (ie paid for hosting) blog or site.  Many of the free ones have Terms of Service that prevent you from using their sites to make money, so you're much better off building your site from the start on a paid site.  It's one thing to "rent space" for hosting your site and something else entirely to "rent space" on a platform like Facebook or Twitter.  Should you have a presence there? YES!  But you still need your own "home base".


Great interview Amber and Mattias!


It's just so great to hear her say -"The blog IS your homebase"! Great interview by the way

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

 @jonasmoller Amber also talked about the importance of a home base in her performance on stage. Yesterday I saw a Swedish company who is working with employee branding who is redirecting their URL to a Facebook page. Not so good "branding" strategy, so to speak. 


 @Mattias Gronborg Hahaha....exactly! It´s like redoing the kitchen with your own money in a "Hyresrätt" (Rental flat) :-)

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