Video Interview With Ray Hiltz

Today, we have my great friend Ray Hiltz from Montreal in Canada with us. Ray is a Social Business Strategist and the writer on In this video, we chat about social media strategies, and mistakes Ray see companies do when they integrate social media into their existing business strategy. Ray is a great source for Google+ knowledge, and on you find a lot of Google Plus Resources. (check out the link). We also discuss how personal you can be if your personal brand is your business. Have you thought about that? I like this question, because it seems to be so many different ways to look at it. Ray gives us his perspective of what he thinks is the best way to tackle this challenge.

Questions I Asked Ray

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • You are a social business strategist, What is the difference when you are adding social to business?
  • You are big advocate of Google+, how did you end up in that niche?
  • How personal can you be if your personal brand is your business
  • What is your daily social media routine and what tools are you using?
  • What book are you reading right now?
  • Where are you headed, what is your next big project?

Big thanks Ray! 


Awesome conversation! You certainly have the personable down, thanks for sharing your thoughts :) 


Great job, Mattias. Thanks for the opportunity to talk some more about social media and ME :-)

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

@newraycom Agree with Sherry, you did a great job focusing on the camera. And your insights, on each question was nothing else than splendid. Grateful that you took your time to contribute here at my web space Ray. :)

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