Video Interview With Sherry Nouraini

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In this video, you and I get an opportunity to listen to a friend of mine, who really breath social media on daily basis. I’m very exited to present Sherry Nouraini from a sunny San Diego. Sherry is the Founder/President at Captivetouch and Open Social Media Initiative. She offer her clients a better way to learn social media. Captive Touch workshops follow a logical plan and address the specific needs for  your business. I suggest, that you ask Sherry, what kind of topic she will cover in her next G+ hangout [#openSM]. A great way to chat with her is on Twitter, click here.

Sherry Nouraini

Questions I Asked Sherry

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • Tell people more about Open SM and give me the story behind it?
  • You had a great bunch of people online, today, what did you talk about?
  • When it comes to hosting your own online event, what have you learned so far? Pros and cons.
  • What is your daily social media routine and what tools are you using?
  • Any role models, that inspire you to grow?
  • What book are you reading right now?
  • Where can people learn more about you?

Thanks Sherry! You have been a great source of knowledge here.


Thank you Matt, this was a lot of fun! My son (8 years old) watched it and said "Mom, you were great, you did a good job talking about social media". Thanks for making me look like a star in my son's eyes!

Mattias Gronborg
Mattias Gronborg moderator

@snouraini Indeed, it was so fun! Listen to your son, he sounds like a smart little man. You did a splendid contribution. : )

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