Will Your Legacy Make People’s Pants Soaked

Will Your Legacy Make People's Pants Soaked

I kneel next to the stone. I let my finger slide over the red runes. I can’t derive what causes a shiver down my spine. The wet cold grass which has soaked my jeans. Or, the tactile response of a persons legacy through my finger a thousand years later. It doesn’t matter, because in my mind the sparks have already ignited my imagination; I close my eyes. I wonder if my legacy will affect people a thousand years later?

Beyond The Runes

A human has created this legacy with a chisel as leverage. I wonder what droves this human to carve this runes. Was it soul seeking: Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want? I’m curious if this human experienced any resistance carving this runes. As I might do when I strive to refine my writing. I marvel about how liberating it must have been when the last rune was carved. I can barely decipher my own handwriting on a paper. So they must have spent much time to improve their carving skills. It was probably important to be careful with the spelling too. It was not just to turn the page and start over, so to speak.

Live Out Your Ambitions

Have you ever done something and lost the track of time? All people have experienced that moment. My first losing-the-track-of-time-moment I can remember was when I played with Lego in my childhood. Today, writing this blog post is that kind of moment. What’s your thing? Continue do just that thing. Live out your ambitions. Wake up early mornings and work late nights. Get obsessed about the incubation process of this embryo. Sometimes I struggle to see the signs. But I still hear the calling. So I keep my feet headed in that direction. And who knows, maybe my legacy can get someone kneeling next to a rock about a thousand years; I wonder if they will get their jeans soaked?


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