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We are going to Moon


I’m excited that you are interested in my work. I see myself as a digital business guy who loves making my customers happy by building great products and amazing teams. A bit more formel – I’m the Captain and Co-Founder of iGoMoon.

iGoMoon – Skyrocketing Websites

In Sweden we have a saying: “Aim for the stars, and you will reach the tree tops if you are lucky.” Over at iGoMoon we have decided to take this Rocket Website venture to the Moon, at least.

Do you wanna join? Or, do you know anyone who is not terrified for heights?

Background Story

At spring 2012 we rented three desks at Business Lounge in Nacka Strand (It was an upgrade from Waynes Coffee back then) We includes: Robert Nyberg, Jonas Gold and Me. Together, united under the same banner created a competitive mix of business experience and skills.

Since then it has been a burst of creativity and enthusiasm. According to the first sketches we intended to build a social media agency. It never unfolded that way. Six months later we founded iGoMoon.

Add another 12 months, and we rolled out our core product – The Rocket Website. This website product comes with a unique twist. You can rent it, and we call it – Rent a Rocket. This website product is a game changer how small and medium sized business can get a new professional mobile ready website. Today we have customers in Sweden, Europe and U.S.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the customer experience in the industry, forever, Rocket by Rocket. We believe we can succeed with this endeavor by executing our company values – Be brave, stay crisp and have fun. Does that match your values? Curious to know more? Check out or chat with me on Twitter: @MattGron.

Looking For You

We need to build great teams to succeed with our i-Go-Moon-mission. So, I look for people who would appreciate a work environment which is built upon our values: Be brave, stay crisp and have fun. Is that you? We hire front end developers, project managers and account managers. Want to know more? You are always welcome to contact me.