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iGoMoon - Sky is the limit!

I’m excited that you are interested in my work. I have always had the desire to pursue a self-realised experience that I’m involved in something significant. Today, I do what I can to execute against that adventure. A bit more formal I’m the CEO and Co-Founder of iGoMoon and we are on a mission.

The iGoMoon Mission

Be the skyrocketing change we wish to see within the industry, by being brave, staying crisp and having fun.

The mission sprung out my of my experiences as a digital consultant. I realised that there is a huge demand for a website company without the traditional website agency approach. Today, we have developed a crisp product for midsize companies that want a professional website that is easy to buy and use. In short – We run your website and you run your business.

Geeking Out

As a kid I was obsessed about three things – Lego, Star Wars and engines (What about you?) iGoMoon gives me the perfect blend of these childhood adventures. While I also get the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues (friends). It almost feel like I live that vivid Star Wars dream - leading my own fleet (I know I’m geeking out).

Are You Looking For An Adventure?

Hmm! Adventure. Hmmpf! Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things – Yoda
OK Yoda – I got you! Then I’m reaching out to all non Jedis! Who wants to be part of a significant journey. Is it you? Together we can change the industry and deliver upon our mission. Hit me up on Twitter or send me an email and we can have a chat about it.
Welcome onboard!