Your Personal Branding Strategy

Your Personal Branding Strategy

In this post I briefly share with you the personal branding triangle; we use this triangle as a blueprint at Hyper Island in a personal branding module.

You [What]

Initially when you are developing your personal branding strategy the most important question to answer is; what are you standing for? Personal branding is a journey and a modern form of self development and it’s the footwork in this process that makes all the difference in the long-term perspective, so don’t look at this part as a check in the box, so to speak. It takes some time to finish the reflection and defining the essence of your personal brand and what you are standing for. The outcome we want to reach with these reflections are to understand what to communicate. This is important when we are moving from knowing to doing and start communicating our compelling branding story both online and offline.

Why [Goals]

What is your most important reason for branding yourself? Is it to get a groovy Internship, changing job, finding clients, influence people or networking? You can’t do everything but you can definitely do several things. If you don’t start with goals, you start with a hope for failure. Of course your goals will change during this journey but it’s all about taking your self from base A, to base B baby!

Who [Audience]

Your audience is people and stakeholders you want to reach with your story. You can define them as clients, colleagues, peers in your industry, influencers, decision makers or celebrities. You need to adapt your message to each category and you will realize that it’s impossible to please them all on the first page, so to speak. Different audiences are also hanging out on different places both online and offline.

How [Social media]

Choose your communication channels; you must do something to reach your audience, going from knowing to doing is everything. Don’t expect that your audience will just show up and knock on your door a sunny day, or connect with you online if they don’t know you exist. A very important thing to clear in this step is that you must feel deeply that it’s your own movement you make here, if you can’t feel it’s your own interest to build your brand nothing will happen, you will never transform into action. If you want to learn more about how to develop a social media strategy check out this post, if you want to have a very useful personal branding step by step guide check out this infographic.

It’s Your Turn

What do you think is important when you are defining the essence of your personal brand?


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