Mattias Gronborg

Mattias Gronborg is a digital startup entrepreneur with great dreams and audacious goals. He has a burning desire to change the Web industry by addressing unsatisfied customer needs and develop new business models around them. He live these endeavours on a daily basis as the “Captain” and Co-founder of iGoMoon.

A Bit More Personal Tone

A huge influence in my life has been my great passion for sports and health. I grew up on an ice rink and devoted myself to ice hockey for 12 years. I was definitely not a talent. But I think being raised in the sports arena has given me a strong sense of discipline in whatever I do (Or at least I hope so). Nowadays I lift some weights to keep myself in shape. Some people say I’m quiet (Yes I’m an introvert) I’m also an outgoing and ongoing guy.

The Blog

I wish I could say that you will find something life changing on this blog. If you do, please let me know, probably that mean I should focus more on that topic. For me this blog is a space to connect with you and share my insights as an entrepreneur, start-up CEO, and life in general. I also hope I can manage to give you a bit more personal glimpse of myself here. Another resource and personal channel to communicate with me is my FREE email newsletter.

Friend Me Up

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback. send me an e-mail here. If you wish to connect with me elsewhere, you will find me on following social networks.