Turning Page – It Will Be Different

Tuning in.. It’s time to blow the dust of this domain. It’s time to roll deep, it’s time to show up. My dad has done just that since 1981, he has been writing in his diary before bed, Twitter-style, 50 to 150 words. Not much writing. But since 1981 these short note bursts have transformed

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Why I Work And How I Got Here

Do you want to get the most out of life? I do! What is your muse? What get you to really feel satisfaction with your work life? I reflect upon on this a lot, because I need to remember for myself everyday why I do what I do. Asking myself the right questions are vital

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My Business And How You Can Choose To Participate

This post might be a bit promotional, sorry for that (I’m looking at you). As a new media consultant, I experienced, how big the gap is between companies who see their website as a check in the box (like a business card). Compared to brands, who are breathing the online hustle, as a small publisher.

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How I see You

Twenty minutes into a first aid course: We get the instructions to work in pairs. One person is lying on the floor, role playing to be injured (it seems to be me in this case). The other person is the one who should help the injured person (It’s a nice looking girl so I can’t

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Video Interview With Ray Hiltz

Today, we have my great friend Ray Hiltz from Montreal in Canada with us. Ray is a Social Business Strategist and the writer on newray.com. In this video, we chat about social media strategies, and mistakes Ray see companies do when they integrate social media into their existing business strategy. Ray is a great source

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