My scaling-up journey

This is the story of how I'm transforming my entrepreneurial dream into a vision and a strategic plan to take my company iGoMoon from nothing to a 10 million euro company. I hope to connect with other ambitious people and hopefully - inspire you to grow better.
Mattias Gronborg

My expertise


Today I'm running the HubSpot Agency iGoMoon. my vision is rock solid to build a €10 million company and become HubSpot's #1 partner in the EMEA market.


Without funding. After some less successful projects, I found myself sleeping on an IKEA couch in a basement next to a garbage room and in serious debt.


Growing as a human being and a leader is a choice I must commit myself to every day to keep the course steady, reaching for the moon is a bumpy ride #månresan.

My blog

I hope to connect with other entrepreneurs who are in their own process and hopefully, inspire some of you to grow better.

Introduction Youtube series #MattGronTalks

In this first episode, Mattias and his co-host Svea introduce themselves and share their ideas about documenting Mattias’ journey of scaling up his company iGoMoon.

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