A 10 year plan

These Monday's questions:

1. Where do you see your company 10 years from now?

In the bigger perspective, Mattias is aiming for iGoMoon to be HubSpot's #1partner in the EMEA market in regards to the revenue they generate by the services taken out of the HubSpot ecosystem. Another area where he wants iGoMoon to stand out as a #1 HubSpot partner is customer satisfaction. "We believe in happy customers above all else" is the company's brand promise after all. That satisfaction is a theme that he also wants to combine with the happiest employees.
In addition, Mattias wants to have an office in both Stockholm and Capetown (with 100 employees altogether) and accomplish 10 Million Euro revenue with a profit of 15-20%.

Mattias predicts that in 10 years from now, there will be a lot of authority creating growth in the SaaS industry, which is exactly the industry iGoMoon is playing in. Furthermore, he wants iGoMoon to be recognized as a world-class workplace where people grow as individuals strive towards a purpose as a team.

When it comes to Mattias' personally, he sees himself coaching other leaders and functioning predominantly as a member of the board.

2. Did you ever think about quitting your entrepreneurial journey?

For Mattias there has never been another option, other than continuing on the path he is on and growing his company. He adds that he always had the dream of building something and that he is in love with the process itself. For him, the journey he is on is not like a job he doesn't like and he wants to quit. Being an entrepreneur is his life.

3. Which everyday entrepreneurial things do you really like doing and which ones do not?

One of his daily duties Mattias likes the least, would be answering emails. Signing new customers on the other side is definitely one of his favorite things to do.

4. What is the most important skill an entrepreneur should have today?

Not necessarily a skill, but still a very important trait to have is self-awareness. When it comes to skills, it very much depends where you start your journey. For Mattias personally, sales became his most important skill.

Self-awareness is important as an entrepreneur.

Where do you see your company in 10 years?

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