CEO report for May 22 - reactivating previous customers

In today's episode, Mattias is sharing the CEO report for May 2022 which includes the good things from May, what needs to be improved and which opportunities they have.


In the beginning of May, Mattias kicked off the "Sales Knowledge Sharing". This means the sales team meets twice weekly to discuss what they need to improve. During these meetings, they also listen to recorded connect calls - something that has really helped them to become better and book significantly more sales meetings.

The sales team also analyzes the recordings of meetings from the second stage: the qualify and explore call. Here it became obvious that those calls are more a presentation of slides and numbers than selling value to the prospects. Mattias explains that the magic happens once you start asking the right questions, which they are focusing on right now.

Lastly, the team is working on the vision, the number one thing that makes iGoMoon iGoMoon. The focus needs to shift into iGoMoon's story again, and everyone in the team needs to find their own voice in that story.

Another positive thing in May was that iGoMoon is writing black numbers again.


The team needs to improve communication and collaboration and help one another to be brave.


Mattias explains that in the beginning, he was talking to every customer, and he was the one closing the deals. However, as the company grew, he established a sales team that is now taking care of the customers. This, of course, resulted in Mattias not being in touch with all the customers anymore. Going through the accounts, he realized that there were many previous customers that the sales team didn't reach out to frequently enough.

That's when Mattias started to send emails to these customers, simply asking if there was anything iGoMoon could do for them. One customer even answered within 30 minutes, asking them to redo a section of their website. There is so much potential in reactivating previous customers; you just need to reach out to people.

Last but not least, Mattias talks about changes regarding remote work. It was free remote work for the previous two years at iGoMoon. However, many studies show that meeting your colleagues face-to-face has a significant impact, especially when doing creative work. In addition, iGoMoon has been facing challenges around communication and collaboration, which is why Mattias wants to tweak the remote work strategy. The new concept (until October) will be that everyone has the option to work remotely two days a week and come to the office the rest of the days.

There is a ton of potential in reactivating previous customers - reach out to them!

Are you already contacting previous customers?

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