Implementing different strategies to increase sales

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how he's planning to get sales back on track. Mattias has been working on many different strategies to improve sales over the last couple of weeks.

1. Restructuring the management team

He realized that the company's behavior and attitudes around sales need to change since the team is way too passive and afraid. Mattias sees the solution to this problem is tweaking the leadership by restructuring the management teams.

2. Sales training

Mattias meets with the sales team every Tuesday and Wednesday for knowledge sharing. During those meetings, they listen to recorded sales phone calls and analyze what they need to improve. They also roleplay different scenarios and hand each other to become better.

3. Marketing campaigns

He also assigned three of his growth strategists to create several marketing campaigns. Those campaigns are about iGoMoon's services: discovery workshop, the sales-ready website, and the HubSpot onboarding.

4. More honest conversations

In the last weeks, Mattias focused even more on having face-to-face conversations with his team members. It's very important to go back to the basics and maintain meaningful relationships with everyone. Especially in challenging situations, people can become stressed and appreciate open and honest conversations even more.

Mattias also discusses their willingness to be part of the journey in those conversations. He emphasizes how essential it is to find out if people want to be in a work environment on a growth journey. Some people prefer being in bigger companies with different structures and might not be the best fit for a fast-paced, young company.

Don't underestimate the power of open and honest conversations with your team.

Do you have open and honest conversations with your team on a regular basis?

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