Dealing with tough times and looking forward

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how he's coping with the current situation at his company and talks about things you can learn in tough times.

Pushing through tough times

Mattias starts by explaining that challenging phases are part of the game, and he's experienced those multiple times before.

Some things that help him push through are:

1. Being grateful for all the things he has already accomplished
2. Visualizing how he wants the future to look like
3. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture
4. Putting things into perspective - is everything actually that bad?
5. Analyze the situation from a 3rd person's perspective

Looking forward

He also emphasizes that it's important to allow yourself to have emotions and be affected when things don't go as planned. You're a human and have feelings - that is normal. You are allowed to fall into a pity hole for a day or two, but it's crucial to always get out of there.

Once you're done experiencing your emotions it's time to face the challenges. Tough times are actually are great opportunity to learn new things and improve - so there's no room to feel sorry for yourself. Especially as a leader, you have to develop a clear understanding of the problem and decide from which level you want to approach those.

Support outside of work

However, It is important to understand that even though being a leader can be challenging and lonely at times; you don't have to be alone.

Mattias for example, getting the support he needs outside the workplace. He surrounds himself with people he can talk about emotions, spirituality, strategies, and physical health. The most important takeaway here is: take care of yourself. Whenever you have a healthy body and mind, it will be much easier to cope with tough situations.

Tough times are when you grow. See them as a chance to learn.

How do you push through tough times?

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