A flexible workplace can increase efficiency

In today's episode, Mattias and Svea are discussing the individual workplace including flexible working hours, locations, etc.

Delivery before location

Especially now, when life is coming back to a new normal after the Covid outbreak, the question of how individual a workplace should be is more relevant than ever. Some companies are calling back all their employees this fall, some let the employees decide for themselves and others are planning on a hybrid version when it comes to the location of work. Mattias' approach is, as long as everyone delivers what they are expected to and contributes to iGoMoon's purpose and goals, he doesn't see a need for any restrictions.

However, there is one thing that is really important to keep an eye on the engagement part. A functioning workplace and a thriving culture is more than simply doing your job. Even though many employees claim to be very efficient when being flexible with their work location, building a culture and being part of something that is bigger than yourself is not only about being efficient.

Working the same hours as customers

When it comes to how individual the working hours should be, Mattias believes that it is the best idea when everyone works during the same hours and especially during the hours their clients work as well. That approach has two advantages:

1. The team can solve problems way more efficiently and faster because they are able to interact with each other at basically all times throughout their workdays.

2. The team is always available when the customer needs to contact them and also here problems can be solved a lot faster.

Flexibility in the workplace

Mattias sums up that when it comes to the business world, the pandemic has brought a lot of change that has brought us forward. Many people experience a lot more freedom and flexibility within their job and the physical office seems to become more a place of team building and collaboration and less a workplace with a desk. But when it comes to a functioning team, he believes that you as a leader need to provide a clear structure when it comes to working hours.

A hybrid-model workplace

His solution for iGoMoon is going to be that the team starts the week together at the office on Mondays and ends it together on Fridays. The days in between everyone is able to work where they prefer. When it comes to working hours, there will be flexible times in the sense that the team can start anywhere between 7am and 9 am and end the day between 4 pm and 6pm.

Give people freedom and let go of control - don't be afraid to try new things.

How do you apply flexibility at the workplace?

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