Adjusting the annual revenue goal according to performance

In today's episode, Mattias and Svea are discussing the recent numbers for Q1 and Q2 and what plans he has for the Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

Revising the goal

Mattias starts off by explaining that they had to revise the 16 million SEK annual revenue goal since they were behind in the first two Q’s of the year as well as on the six month mark in sales. At this time they are at the same pace as last year, revenue vise. The reasons for not performing according to the goal in the Q1 and Q2 were:

- Lower Labor utilization rate
- Keeping the pace with new recruitments
- Behind in sales
- Sick leaves

Successful performances

Naturally, everything wasn’t just bad news and there are some victories and successes to celebrate. Mattias also explains that even though the profit shows red at this time, the main reason for this is the investments they are making in new resources such as hiring new talents to the team. Some of the successes were:

- Increase in LUR already in march
- Higher hourly rate than planned
- Customer satisfaction
- Selling more retainers

Mattias also explains that these are typical challenges for a smaller company and that the numbers are presented weekly to everyone, to stay on track.

Remember to revise your goals according to performance.

How do you determine financial goals?

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