Approaching health like your business

Today's Friday episode was recorded before the probably most important weekend of the year in Sweden: Midsommar. Swedes typically leave the big cities and spend the celebration of the longest day of the year with their friends and families in the countryside. Mattias' (a little unconventional) plan for this year is to play golf with his girlfriend and help her discover the beauty of the sport that he likes so much.

Keeping personal health measurable

In regards to the past week, Mattias shares about having multiple interviews with potential candidates for internships and current job openings. Right now iGoMoon is looking for a HubSpot developer, a team leader and strategist, and an inbound marketing consultant. He also took Wednesday off to take care of his health. Every few years Mattias proactively initiates a complete health examination. This helps to identify possible risk factors before they become a problem.

Mattias approaches his own well-being as he does with his business. He wants the metrics so that he is able to make certain decisions in order to improve.

Approach your health as you approach your own business.

How do you measure your health?

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