Balanced physical activity can improve other activities

In this episode Mattias and Svea talk about sports and physical activity, why it is important and which activities Mattias likes to do.

Physical activity in everyday life

Physical activity has always been a huge part of Mattias’ life ever since growing up he was playing ice hockey. He has always been moving, going to the gym, doing some kickboxing, Thai boxing and other kinds of sports. He hasn’t approached physical activity on a scientific level so much, of course he knows that it is good but knowing and that it can prevent diseases etc. but it’s not what motivates him to do sports. After he stopped playing hockey he says he exercised more than ever but more from a vanity point of view, to look good. It wasn’t really healthy anymore, more like an obsession.

Rest is important

Nowadays Mattias works out four days a week, and Svea adds that it is a good amount and that emphasizes the importance of resting days. Svea also asks if he sees improvement in other activities because of the workout, Mattias says that this scientific part he has studied, how working out helps prevent stress related symptoms.

The challenges during the pandemic

They both also talk about the challenges working out during the outbreak of the COVID-19. Mattias explains that as a good example of what happens to him when not working out, he was sick for a week and quarantined and couldn’t work out which led to him being tired, feeling stressed and being stiff.

Physical activity is also helpful for your mental health, but don’t overdo it.

Which physical activities do you prefer?

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