Boosting your closing rate

One thing Mattias started to implement this week is having individual meetings with the members of the sales team. In these meetings, he wants to talk about how the current week is going, including topics like:

- summarizing the activities (any new deals to talk about?)
- well-being (how is the team doing on an emotional and physical level?)

Every last Friday of the month will be a summary of the whole month.

Internal communication

He also started to have similar meetings with the leaders of the other teams to spend more quality time with the people he leads. Another goal with these meetings is to encourage self-awareness. Mattias stresses that this is also the reason why it is so important for the team leaders and the sales team to prepare for these meetings and write down thoughts and questions they have.

In regards to implementing these new meetings, Mattias also reveals something that he could have done better this week. He actually did not have time to have this meeting with Henrik, who is part of the sales team, because they had a backlog of things to talk about. He rescheduled for the following Monday instead.

Time is key

Something that Mattias learned this week is that when trying to close new customers every second counts. He shares some insights from a survey he read where it states that calling back the customer within 5 minutes after them reaching out to you, increases your chances to actually close that customer by 1000x!
Mattias explains that very often when you are faced with a hand raiser (a company that is interested in your services and wants to know more) they are most likely contacting multiple of your competitors as well. In these scenarios speed is the biggest strength you can have.

On the fun side of things, Mattias gave Kudos to Åsa and Erik this week and celebrated that he was able to finish off two new HubSpot certifications.

Increase your chances of closing a new customer by being quick!

Do you have any other tricks to increase your closing rate?

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