Carve out your niche as a HubSpot partner

Today's episode starts with Mattias talking about the upcoming quarterly meeting with the management group. In this meeting, the team will discuss and set the new rocks for the second quarter of 2021. The top three rocks currently are:

  • The sales playbook
  • The CRM playbook
  • Marketing strategy

Stand out from the crowd

In the context of the marketing strategy, Mattias reports about the HubSpot webinar "Stand out from the crowd" he is currently attending. This webinar helps him to make the right decisions around improving iGoMoon's marketing strategy. The main focus of the webinar is on developing a focused go-to-market strategy, winning over businesses, and creating a better competitive edge to grow the revenue.

He also explains how Hubspot extended its services in the past couple of years. Five years ago, when iGoMoon became a HubSpot solution partner, HubSpot was predominantly focusing on marketing automation. Nowadays they consist of these four hubs labeled as a CRM tool for scaling companies:

  • Marketing automation
  • CMS
  • Sales
  • Service

Positioning statement

Mattias describes HubSpot as a growth platform where it is very important to understand and navigate the ecosystem as a HubSpot solution partner. The challenges of that are that partners, such as iGoMoon, need to adapt and grow at the same pace as the platform is evolving. In addition, there is a very competitive landscape around HubSpot, with many agencies trying to win over new customers. Mattias' solution for this is to work on a good positioning statement, that differentiates his agency from the others.

The benefits are

  1. It provides direction internally and externally
  2. It saves time and money by causing better-targeted leads
  3. It gives customers what they really want
  4. It allows you to charge more for the special niche you're in
  5. It increases the win rate

Right now the positioning statement for iGoMoon is:

"We help ambitious B2B subscription and tech companies that use their website strategically to drive growth."

Carve out your Niche

What is your thoughts?


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