CEO report 03/22 and creating roadmaps for your employees

In today's episode, Mattias shares his monthly CEO report with us and which things were good as well as less good in March.


The new account manager Johan joined the team. Now there are three account managers at iGoMoon, which means: even more competition between the colleagues. Even though hiring a new salesperson implies that it will most likely take about 3-6 months until you see results, Mattias is confident that Johan will provide a lot of value from his long experience as an account manager.

All the leaders within the manager group went through the first step of the leadership training. Mattias started with the third step of his coaching training and learned a lot about himself. He has gone through a significant mindset change when recruiting leaders. When he started iGoMoon, he was very excited about everyone who wanted to work at his company. He quickly started trying to convince some of his employees to become a part of the leader group.

He almost felt like he would need to prove them something and as if he needed to give them a push. Now he realized that this should rather be the other way around. The people who want to be leaders and take on responsibility should approach Mattias and prove to him that they are the right people for that role.

iGoMoon got rid of the "inbound marketing consultant" role and created a new "growth strategist" position. Multiple roles were very similar to one another, which is why they combined the "inbound marketing consultant", the "strategist," and the "SEO and content specialist" into the new "growth strategist" role. This new role also aligns with the work iGoMoon is doing on the service side of things. Mattias is currently talking to all the "inbound marketing consultants" about their options to grow into the new role and has received good feedback.

iGoMoon tweaked the goals that are shared in every "Monday Morning Meeting". It became clear that neither the team goals nor the individual goals were SMART goals since they were closely connected to the yearly budget goal. The problem was that the company was not selling and hiring as much as anticipated, which directly influenced the achievements of the team and individual goals. Now the goals are connected to the labor utilization rate. This makes it easier to coach people and hold them accountable.


Q1 was rather slow financially. This also influenced the rate of new hires.


Over the last 12 months, Mattias and his team have put a lot of work into specifying iGoMoon's key services and creating the proper onboarding and sales framework around those. Mattias is planning a big presentation in June where iGoMoon is presenting the new go-to-market process.

iGoMoon has an exciting new project in the making: the "iGoMoon Academy". The idea behind this is to train everyone about iGoMoon's values. Those pre recorded sessions can be used on-demand during onboarding sessions.

An idea for something new came up during a manager meeting: a competence strategy. This strategy should consist of:

- how to attract people
- how to recruit people
- how to develop people
- how to keep people
- how to offboard people.

Make sure you have a clear roadmap for how your employees can grow in their roles.

Do you have a clear structure to enable growth for your employees?

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