Changing the name to MattGron talks

In this episode Mattias and Svea are discussing the name change for "MattGron's Scaling Up Journey" to "MattGron Talks" because it feels like it has become more of a talk show with life lessons and some personal stuff, but the main focus will of course still be about the scaling up journey.

Developing the concept

After talking about the reasons for the name change and the format of the vlog overall, Mattias and Svea talk about potentially inviting more guests to the vlog and also publishing the vlog as a podcast on different platforms like iTunes and Spotify instead of just focusing on the Youtube channel. Svea also mentions that the new name is more fun, open and suitable when inviting guests to the episodes.

Another point that comes up is how to approach the new concept, whether they should start over with episode one or continue their legacy as it is with episode 76. They agree to continue with episode 76 because of the structure and focus areas they have in the monday, wednesday and friday episodes.

Finding topics during vacation time

Mattias has been on vacation with one more week left before getting back to the normal everyday life at the office. This has created a bit of a challenge to come up with relevant topics to discuss, therefore Mattias talks about what he’s been doing on his vacation and a bit of his gaming fails in Warzone when moving from Playstation to PC.

Relaunching the website

The relaunch of Mattias’ personal website is also relevant at this time, since his developer Andrez has been building the new site which should be ready to launch within August. The new site will contain more information about the scaling up journey with some other interesting and fun content.

Mattias ends the episode with mentioning how it helps him gain perspective because Svea is co-hosting the episodes and that when he says something Svea replies and it becomes a conversation. He also mentions the importance of being active in different channels from a brand perspective and publishing different content on them for the audience.

Produce different content on several channels.

Thank you for reading! Let us know which other topics you want to hear about.

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