Collaborating with another HubSpot agency

As every Friday, Mattias talks about how his week as an entrepreneur looked like and which things he is reflecting on in his self-inventory.

Effective collaboration

This week he could really tell that the whole team is back at the office after some slow weeks in the summertime when everyone was on vacation. The projects and sales have been ramping up over the last weeks and got some good momentum. Mattias also met a Norwegian agency during some HubSpot training earlier this week and decided to reach out to the founders to establish a possible relationship between the two HubSpot agencies. It turned out that they complement each other very well and they might be able to work together on different projects in the future.

Transparency in collaboration

Next week they have a meeting scheduled together with a customer to determine which agency could take over what work. Mattias also stresses how important it is to set boundaries, have clear communication, and make sure not to step on each other's toes when collaborating together with another agency. It is usually very hard to have a fruitful relationship with another agency because oftentimes people tend to feel threatened by the other agency and start thinking competitively instead of focusing on great teamwork that benefits both sides.

Learning from mistakes

When it comes to the self-inventory, Mattias talks about something he could have done better. Earlier this week he had an online training together with a customer in HubSpot and afterward received the feedback that some things were left unclear for the customer. Obviously, Mattias is an expert when it comes to the HubSpot technology and the actual problem was not related to a lack of knowledge but rather the fact the HubSpot training was originally supposed to be a classroom-style training. During the online version of that training, Mattias sometimes missed switching between the tabs he was working in and didn't realize that there might have been some confusion due to the remote style of the training.

After receiving the feedback from the customer Mattias prepared a written document where he explained everything in depth once again and he will be trying his best to make up for it during the final session in the upcoming week.

On the bright side of things, Mattias is really happy with the new intern Tibah and the work of the new UX/UI lead designer Viktoria.

Collaborating with a “competitor” can be good when there is a clear goal and communication.

Have you partnered with a "competitor"? Let us know if you want to know more about Mattias' experience within the topic.

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