Constant knowledge development

Friday means the wrap-up of the week and Mattias sharing his thoughts in insights on this.

Starting with talking about what he could have done better this week, Mattias talks about that he needs to remember to be kind to himself. He realized that he tends to have very high expectations for himself which are not always realistic.

Understanding HubSpot

Something he learned is that it is important to challenge the customer and let them know that they need to finish HubSpot certifications on their side as well. Mattias is referring to the situation when kicking off a new project with a customer on the HubSpot platform and facing challenges when the customer and his team don't speak the same language. This problem can easily be solved by asking the customer to do a bit of "homework" before the kick-off meeting and let them learn about some fundamentals of HubSpot and marketing.

Mattias explains that everyone at iGoMoon constantly updates their knowledge by doing HubSpot certifications to stay on track and provide the customers with the most recent processes and information. He also stresses how great of a scalability opportunity those HubSpot certifications for both sides are. They make it really easy for everyone to improve on many different levels.

Hard work, big reward

On the fun side of things, Mattias talks about how he personally closed a quite significant deal with a big customer this week. He even beat the old HubSpot deal record at iGoMoon and landed the most lucrative deal so far. He then reflects on the average deal size at iGoMoon some years ago which was around 15k -20k €), vs. ~ 50k € today, when using HubSpot as a tool and bundling their services around it.

Mattias also gave some kudos to Henrik this week for some great work.

Make sure your customers participate in HubSpot certifications.

How do you educate your customers?

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