Creating mood boards vs. personal goals

"I don't have a single personal goal". In this episode, Mattias explains what he means by that and shares his thoughts on setting goals.

Shaping & creating your future

Mattias has always been a person who reflects a lot. He loves writing down things that help him to shape his future while, at the same time, being in the process of actually creating it. He is also very goal-oriented and easily motivated by numbers he can look at over time that help him grow better. However, he doesn't have any specific personal goals connected to a certain date when he wants to reach them. What he does instead is create mood boards to manifest how his future could look like. For him creating mood boards is an internal process that sparks a flame within him.

Time off from work

In general though, his main focus lies on building his company which mostly doesn't leave much room for his thoughts to wander off in his daily life. That he could really tell when traveling to South Africa with the entire iGoMoon team about two years ago and experiencing his first proper vacation in almost eight years. During these six weeks of letting go of work, he actually found the time to listen to his thoughts and work on visualizing those for himself.

Setting a clear direction

He also takes the time to reflect and look inside of himself at the end of the year to phrase some new year's resolutions. Mattias sees beauty in fresh starts and loves starting off to a new year with a clear cut and a clear direction. These fresh starts aren't necessarily only on New Year's though. Moving into the new office also symbolizes a huge milestone for him and gives him a reason to look back at the past years and think about iGoMoon's future. He adds that iGoMoon's goals are in a way also his personal goals since his company and the journey it is on are hugely connected to him personally.

Keeping some goals to yourself

Finally, Mattias also shares his thoughts on verbally putting your goals out there. In contradiction to what many goal-setting courses would tell you, he prefers to keep certain goals and wishes to himself. While it can be a good idea for some goals to be put out there and create some pressure for yourself to work on them, for other things it might be a better idea to keep them within yourself and let it fuel your flame.

Be clear about the goals you put out.

How do you approach the future?

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