Data-driven customer growth

After talking about the frictionless sales process in the last Friday episode, Mattias is talking about enabling customers today.

Helping customers grow in the right way

For Mattias, enabling customers means making the transition from a customer's old product to your (new) product as smooth as possible. An example: oftentimes the team at iGomoon has to educate the stakeholders on the customer's side about how having a fixed budget mindset (in regards to website projects) is not a contemporary approach in 2021. A lot of customers still believe that a website is a project that they possibly update every couple of years. iGoMoon on the other hand has a much more data-driven approach, which means starting with a smaller project and budget and improving it over time usually is a better idea.

Proceeding with such a long-term approach has many advantages for both sides. When being able to change the customer's mindset and challenging them in the right way, they will grow better and reach their goals which will result in a fruitful partnership.

Challenging the customer

Mattias explains what he means by "challenging a customer in the right way" by giving the example of a flower shop. Imagine someone wanting to buy flowers for a specific occasion, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or maybe a graduation. Firstly, ask yourself the question: is it really flowers they are buying? Or maybe something else? People usually want to create a certain feeling and make someone happy when they decide for the gesture of giving flowers to someone. They might actually be buying smiles or hugs. As soon as you understand this, you can start asking the right questions to this customer, instead of simply asking for the budget of the bouquet. These questions could be what the recipient's favorite colors or flowers are and from there a relevant conversation can evolve.

Understanding customer needs

Mattias is also picking up on a topic he talked about in episode #45 - aligning marketing and sales. Historically B2B marketing has always been very project-driven, while the sales teams had the possibility to work a lot more agile. In order to combine these two successfully and make them "team revenue" instead of being two separate departments, you need to let both of them work in an agile way.

Right now Mattias is focusing a lot on right the content to use in the sales process to help customers. It is important to really understand what the customer expects from you and the product they want to buy from you. Sending content to the customer that is not relevant to them may cause more friction and can easily result in them choosing another provider over you.

To get happy customers, understand what they are trying to solve.

How do you challenge your customers?

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