Investing in a business acumen workshop

In today's episode, Mattias talks about how the business acumen workshop went and why he needed to step in and have a serious talk with his team.

Understanding business acumen

Mattias hired his acquaintance Tommy Roos to hold a workshop and teach the iGoMoon team about business acumen. The workshop consisted of three individual training days over the last couple of weeks.

The first day was very much about understanding the basics of a business and cash flow.

Strategies in business

Everything became more practical during the second session, and people split up into groups and worked on different exercises together.

The main focus on that second training was on these five strategies:

1. Bringing in more customers
2. Prizing and discounts
3. Cutting variable costs
4. Fixed costs
5. Tied-up capital

The team also got homework about these strategies. Everyone should develop something they'd like to change and explain what they'd hope to achieve with that idea.

Implementing new learnings

The third session with Tommy was the wrap-up of the sessions prior.

Mattias could tell that the workshop was a fruitful investment, and people are already starting to implement the new things they've learned. He also noticed exciting discussions within the team resulting from Tommy's input.

However, Mattias felt like people were too quiet during the workshops. Tommy did everything he could to get people to participate but somehow, no one reacted. This is when Mattias stepped in during the last session and talked to his team. He explained that this is not iGoMoon, and being quiet is not their principle.

He thought a lot about what he could have done differently here and realized how people became less and less engaged somewhere along the journey. He's now actively working on getting that original spirit back.

Investing in educating your team is always worth it.

Have you made similar investments for improving results?

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