Defining and focusing on the big rocks

Your blog post Looking back at the end of 2020, the two big rocks for Q4 were redesigning the iGoMoon website and working on the delivery processes. Q1 of 2021 on the other hand was dedicated to the recruitment and onboarding process.content here…

The 4 C:s

Mattias explains that when focusing on one of his big rocks for Q1 (developing the new onboarding process) he made sure to integrate the "4 Cs":

  1. Compliance:
    This "C" focuses on the very basic aspects such as legal and policy-related things at iGoMoon. Mattias designed a playbook "The Crew Manual" in order to convey everything compliance-related.
  2. Clarification:
    Clarification means making sure that the new employee knows exactly what their job is and which expectations are connected to it. Part of the clarification part is e.g. role descriptions, KPIs, and the specific goals and targets.
  3. Culture:
    The culture part is all about the formal and informal culture at the company. To make these things more clear, iGoMoon has developed a culture code and a vision board.
  4. Connection:
    The fourth C is there to help with relationships between the existing team and the new colleague. The connection has become even more important throughout the last years when the pandemic started.

Onboarding process

Mattias talks about how he has the role of the mood manager when he is doing the new hire onboarding. Trying to create a nice experience for his new colleague. The stuff he covers during the onboarding are things like:

  • Tech Set-Up & onboarding
  • The Crew Manual "TCM"
  • The Vision Board "TVB"
  • The Culture Code "TCD"
  • Peer 2 Peer Recognition
  • Growth Calls "GC" and Career
  • Role description, targets & goals
  • Bonus & Profit share program
  • Ideal customer profile
  • Sales & Services delivery processes
  • Required reading and HubSpot certificates
  • Follow up meetings booked

What do you think is important in a new hire onboarding?

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