Delegation and planning in a growing company

In today's episode, Mattias explains why prioritizing planning is so important, especially when a company grows.

Delegating responsibility

As the founder and CEO of iGoMoon, Mattias has a lot on his plate. That's why he needs to choose wisely where to spend his time. Delegating tasks and giving other people responsibility is very important for that aspect, and he realized that he needs to step up his planning game to do that even better.

Another critical insight he shares about planning is whenever he is not efficient with his own; he is also affecting other people's productivity. He explains that prioritizing planning will improve many things at iGoMoon.

Finding the solution to improve

Some things Mattias has been struggling with in the past definitely include that delegating aspect. Not handing over tasks to others made him have difficulties following up on people and holding them accountable. His solution to that problem is simple: coaching. Mattias explains that delegating tasks and following up on people is all about coaching their performance.

External coaching

He has already started with a leadership program that will ultimately turn him into a certified coach.
The program he is attending is separated into three different parts that will also involve his own leadership team at iGoMoon later on. An external coach will visit Mattias and his crew and help them implement new processes to improve their understanding of their mission as leaders and the communication between the managers. That external coach will stay on for a while and will support Mattias when planning the quarterly meetings of the managers.

Always remember: your behavior affects others, too.

Which actions are you taking to grow as a leader?

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