Don’t forget to personalize the quote for the customer

This week Mattias has been very focused on customer meetings and the preparation of those. Also, a new intern called Natalie joined the team at iGoMoon and Mattias has been working on two bigger quotes this week for potential new customers.

What value do you create for the customer

Reflecting on the things he did in the past days and asking himself what he could have done better, Mattias believes that one of the quotes he was working on has room for improvement. The reason for that is that he didn’t have a clear background in the quote. Mattias explains that it is very important to ask yourself the question "what am I trying to get the customer to achieve here?“. Like that you are tying together your services with the background and the value you’re trying to create for the customer. This will make the introduction to the quote more personal and could sound something like this: "I understand that this project is an important area for you to develop fill in the blank

Value based pricing

Mattias also talks about the importance of constantly working on the way you sell your services. As an entrepreneur, you’re always selling and working on your product improvements and developments at the same time. This leads him to talk about how iGoMoon is currently working on offering a value-based pricing model. He hopes to create a smoother selling process by implementing fixed prices. Some advantages of this value-based price system are:

  • more efficient work
  • speeding up the process of sending a quote
  • more independent work


Mattias also shares with us what he has learned this week. He and his business partner Erik spent a lot of time working on their custom quote in HubSpot. Mattias knew about the standard HubSpot templates you could use to send quotes but just recently discovered that he could create his own templates to better suit his own brand and the corporate identity of iGoMoon.

He ends this week's recap by giving Kudos to Dennis and Henrik and mentioning that the sales team is making some great progress in the sales process lately.

When preparing a quote, always ask yourself what values you're trying to get the customer to achieve with your service.


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