Early days of an entrepreneur

Today's episode is dedicated to the early days of Mattias' entrepreneurship.
Mattias starts off by sharing some details about the background of his company.
iGoMoon is the result of him exploring digital marketing back in 2008/2009.
In 2010, Mattias took his experience around sales and tried to find new ways how b2b companies could use digital marketing to achieve a better ROI. He started out as a consultant but very quickly collaborated with other people. Two of these people (with backgrounds in SEO and WordPress website building) were the cofounders of iGoMoon.

Sacrifices of an entrepreneur

Not having any savings or a side job, Mattias needed to sacrifice a lot of things in the early days to keep his costs low. One of those things was his apartment in Stockholm that he sold. After that, he spent more than 100 nights at their very first office, which was located in a sketchy basement between a garbage room and a wine cellar. He even shares about how unsafe he felt, sleeping "with one eye open" and a baseball stick always by his side. His apartment was obviously not the only thing he needed to let go of. Mattias adds his free time, hobbies, friends, partner, and work-life balance to the list.

Still worth it

Regardless of all that, he found himself loving to be on the journey and bringing his own business to life. Sometimes when he looks back, he can miss that feeling of being very "light" back then. Throughout the last nine years, many things happened that shaped him as a person but also his business. This regarding, Mattias brings up a comparison he has read at some point: "the difference between a small company and a big one is basically the size of the problems they have solved along the way".

Remember to never ever give up on your dream!

Which sacrifices did you have to make on your journey?

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