Expanding the business internationally

This episode is dedicated to iGoMoon's international customers. Mattias starts off by saying that international customers are definitely a part of iGoMoon's scaling-up journey.

Becoming international

Expanding the company to the worldwide market really took off in 2015/2016 when the agency became a HubSpot partner. Once they worked with their first international customers, those customers recommended iGoMoon to more and more other people outside of Sweden. Most international customers are located in Scandinavia, Europe, and even in the United States. As of today, 25% of iGoMoon'S revenue comes from outside of Sweden.

There are three main ways how the agency gets discovered by international customers:

1. Through HubSpot's inspiration page

2. Through HubSpot's agency directory pages.

3. Google

Challenges of being an international company

When it comes to some difficulties Mattias and his team had to overcome while working with customers outside their home country, one thing that comes to mind was an issue with some UK customers. It was actually the first time ever they had issues getting paid by a customer. After that incident, they have communicated openly with new UK customers about the challenges they had and started to ask for an upfront fee, which turned out to work perfectly.

Something else that is obviously a major difference to Swedish customers is the language barrier. However, since the iGoMoon team has been growing quite a bit in language diversity (Fanny from Finland, Frank from Australia, Tayla from South Africa and Svea from Germany) the office language changed to English anyways. Even the agency's website is entirely in English, which may result in losing some Swedish customers. On the other hand, Mattias sees Europe as a whole as the main market and happily makes this sacrifice to win over international customers.

International expansion increases your opportunities a lot.

Are you thinking about expanding internationally? Let us know if you want to hear more about how Mattias approached the expansion.

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