Explaining enables your business to grow

As every Friday, Mattias shares his recap of the week including his self-inventory, and talks about why explaining is better than forcing.

More efficiency with own space

This week he has still been quite busy with the move to the bigger office. Most things are in place, the walls are painted, but there are still pieces that need to be delivered. He's really excited to have his own office for the first time since he started iGoMoon nearly 10 years ago. The reason for his excitement is mainly because he doesn't have to interrupt his team in their work and ask them to leave the room whenever he needs to take a confidential call. His own space will not only reduce internal friction but also make him work more efficiently. This week Mattias also had several interviews with potential new talents and one of the inbound marketing consultants was at the office and did all her assignments with brilliance.

“Business sense”

One thing that he has been thinking about a lot lately is connected to the "business sense" training he is planning to create for his team. The idea behind this training is to really explain to his team why it is so important to charge for their hours and time track their work, even though they might feel uncomfortable or simply not enjoy it. Not having the mandatory "business sense" is something you simply can’t afford while running a business. There is no time to give away for free because there are lots of things to pay for and savings to be created.

Enabling your business to grow

Mattias is not a fan of forcing tasks onto someone and believes that it’s a way better approach to make sure that everyone truly understands the reasons why certain things need to be done, even though they might not be fun. He is sure that once you create this understanding people will be a lot more likely to actually do these things by themselves as opposed to when you simply force them onto them and constantly remind them of doing so. As leaders, it is important to have the right approach to reach people's emotions and show them why they should buy into something and work together as a team. This is one of the big enablers in order to grow a business.

Good leaders

In addition, the way you are approaching situations like this can really define you as a leader and have a big impact on what kind of impression you leave behind. In that regard, Mattias also talks about how it can be challenging for people who are getting promoted to be team leaders. Those people are most likely really good in their area of expertise, but leading people is a completely different skill to master. A successful team leader for Mattias is a person who is creating a team that is working perfectly together on their own, not someone who is running after everyone and telling them what to do.

The way you approach certain situations in business can really define your leadership style.

How do you approach these situations?

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